There are many ways to work it, fund it, walk it, support it. The important part is to just do something. You'll feel better.  We'll all do better.  

Working towards tolerance, or working to make your company more socially responsible? You may want to care for animals, or nurture the arts in public schools. You may feel helpless when a friend or loved one falls ill -- and vow to raise money by moving your own two feet. Golden Girl Dreams is for everyone.

You'll find a spotlight shined on causes I've come across.  Share your own with #CauseHack on @goldengrldreams or email me a suggestion! 

There are yoga sites and coaching sites.  Health sites and charity navigators.  This site is a community for those ready to defy the old song and say, “That’s NOT all there is: I can do better – for the world and for me.”

I am curating ideas, destinations, walks, and talks, work and pleasure. Find your zipline to what moves you most.

​E.B. Moss

A Zipline to Purposeful Living...

Especially for Women of a Certain Age

have a purpose-based job listing to share, a fundraiser or volunteer opportunity, or just a suggestion? Please send your email address and E.B. will reach out right away! Or Tweet or post.